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Styling your daughter’s hair

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Sum­mer: the scorch­ing, sunny sea­son of the year in which fam­i­lies spent days at the beach, parks or swim­ming pools has of­fi­cially come and gone. Our kids are back in school, which means that it’s time for one of the most dreaded daily night­mares for a mom:  styling your daugh­ter’s hair. There was a time when you had the power to dress her up, choose her clothes, even comb her hair. Well, you may not have that power any­more, at least when it comes to her out­fit, but what about her hair? True, you are the last per­son who talks to the hair­dresser be­fore she sets to work, but what should we have in mind be­fore the whole thing turns into a  dis­as­ter?

Take a quick look at our Styling your daugh­ter’s Hair Check­list

  • First:

If your daugh­ter has long hair, keep in mind that the cooler sea­son means that there is less of a chance for her to come home with salty hair from the beach . Above every­thing else, a child’s hair must be com­fort­able, and when in doubt, re­peat the mantra: “com­fort over beauty.”  With that in mind, make sure to comb her hair every­day be­fore she leaves for school. If you have lim­ited time, a sim­ple pony­tail or sin­gle braid is a good so­lu­tion to keep her from eat­ing the tips of her hair while writ­ing, read­ing or draw­ing in class.

  • Sec­ond:

As I pointed out above, beauty is not al­ways com­fort­able for kids, so un­less you want your daugh­ter to end up with split ends that will re­quire an ad­di­tional trim, be wary of the down­falls of trendy hair­styles on your lit­tle one. You might love that new bob hair style some celebrity kids are rock­ing right now, but re­mem­ber that this hair cut won’t al­low you to comb back your own daugh­ter’s hair as eas­ily as you may be used to. So when­ever try­ing a new cut, re­mem­ber to keep in mind the post-cut prob­lems you, and she, may en­counter, be­fore head­ing over to the hair­dresser.

  • Third:

Be orig­i­nal. Mak­ing your daugh­ter comfy does­n’t mean be­ing bor­ing. Try  styling her hair in dif­fer­ent ways from time to time. A cou­ple of easy op­tions are to try dou­ble braids or us­ing orig­i­nal hair­pins to fold her hair in dif­fer­ent ways. Be cre­ative! Above all, make sure that your ef­forts are ap­proved by your daugh­ter–it’s im­por­tant for her to have fond mem­o­ries of her child­hood, af­ter all.

So, if you are ready to let your imag­i­na­tion fly, and style your daugh­ter’s hair!  Let the fun be­gin!


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