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Unisex fragrances, assured success

We know it’s Christmas time when we start up watching Perfume ads on TV, which sometimes get us stressed if we are potential fragrance buyers. Why? There are millions and all of them are super different so it can lead us to mess around the drug store trying to find the perfect match for our boyfriend, daughter or even secret friend. There are so many options, which one is the perfect one?

I can tell you I absolutely don’t have the solution to this little and sometimes banal problem, but I have a tiny remedy to your endless nightmares. What? Might you wonder. Well, opt for a Unisex Fragance. You might not know, but there was a time back in the 18th century when the frangences weren’t made differently according to genders, but were made equally for both of them. This tendecy was perfectly accepted and not considered such a strange thing as it’s seen nowadays.

So, why not coming back to that moment? What about sharing your smell with your partner? Don’t think its something strange as this new trend is being adquired by so many perfume desginers such as Jean Paul Gautier, Calvin Klein or Bvlgari among others. These perfumes are lately being considered a wise decision for a frangrance present as their intese smell captivates every sense.

Wanna give it a try? I’ll definitely.


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