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Dear skin, I love you!


Winter. That freezing season of the year when you start up using your cozy sweaters and cutie and matching boats & coats. That season when Santa comes home full of presents and when those sunny cold days turn to be your dream days. We have almost forgotten those summer beach days and our goldie tanned skin, but should we enclose this moments at the bottom of the trunk this fast? Absolutely not! Mainly because these memories make us feel joyed when rains cats & dogs out there and because there is something we use on a daily basis in Summer that we must not forget along the winter. What’s it? Easy! The SUNCREAM!

Very unconciously and as soon as september arrives, we tend to enclose our summer clothes, accesories and beauty products which are never seen again til next June. There isn’t any specific reason to do so but the majority of us consider we won’t need these goodies along the beachless-winter season. Mistake! Along these fall and winter season the sun is still there and it likes shining from time to time, and so its sunbeams. Of course these beams aren’t the same in Summer and Winter. While Summer ones can provoke sunburnts and cancer, the Winter ones (UV rays) make those undesirable wrinkles appear. That’s the reason why dermatologists suggest the use of 15 to 25 SPF along fall-winter months and 50 SPF if you go skiing.

Who is taking take of its skin already? Beware! The sun can be very treacherous!



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