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Dry hair shampoos. Yay or Nay?

It’s been few years since dry hair shampoos arrived to our lifes. They seemed quite nasty at first sight but they have become in a MUST have in the majority of the houses. But still, there are some people like me, that haven’t given it a try. Why? There can be various reasons, but I honestly think the most generalized one is ignorance. We don’t really know how to use them and when, so I felt the necessity to do this little article, in order to show you (and me) why and how we should try this little pieces of beauty-gold out!


One of its main uses is to give volume and brightness to our hair, and for those who have an oily one, using alternatively dry shampoo and your regular one it’s the best option.


1-Always spray on a distance of 20-30 cm from the hair making sure you divide it in locks.

2-If you have an oily hair, make sure you apply it specially on the roots. Doing so it’s also a good technique to gain hair volume.

3-While applying the dry shampoo massage your hair with your fingers.

4-Leave it for a few minutes and then you can proceed to brush.

5-For a final touch you can use your hair drier but always in the cool hair option.


There are a lot of options in the market under a wide variety of prices so grab you bag and have a walk along the beauty stores. They might recommend you the ones that fit your hair necessities better.

Convinved or not? Thinkin about giving it a try? I might consider it seriously!



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