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Best At Home Teeth Whitening System (GIVEAWAY)

I know it’s been some time since I last published in here but today is THE DAY because I want to talk to you, very briefly, about something that has changed my life somehow. (SI QUIERES LEER ESTE ARTÍCULO EN CASTELLANO, CLICK AQUÍ)

Some might know, others might not know that one of my biggest complex was not by body shape, which is something you know, if you follow me on Instagram, I have been trying to modify for a long now. One of my biggest complex and for which I could not find solution was my stained teeth. Many of you will think, of course Soraya you can find a solution for that, why not whitening them? Yes! I know that was the only solution but honestly and sadly I have never had enough budget to spend in that, until the day Smile Brilliant arrived to my life and everything changed.

Some months ago a very cute and helpful woman from Smile Brilliant contacted me in order to offer me the possibility to try out their Teeth Whitening Treatment. At the beginning, I must be honest, I was a little suspicious about this treatment as I knew my teeth were quite yellow and you know, whitening your teeth at home, was it really serious and healthy for my dentition? But yes, I gave it a try, why not?

And WOW! I have to admit my Treatment has been a little bit longer than the average expected time because of the starting color they had, but it has been AMAZING! Why?

  1.  I have been able to do it in the privacity of my house whitout dates and schedules.
  2.  My teeth themselves determined the times. Whenever they felt it was enough whitening for them, I could feel it and so I could remove the trays. On the contrary to dentists whitening treatments where you have to stand the whitening lights till the end.
  3.  I have had my own personalized trays made exclusively for my teeth so they fitted them like a glove, so the whitening product was applied to every single part of my dentition.
  4.  I have had a person taking care of me and my process. Always there helping, supporting and giving me tips in order to make my treatment better and more eficient.
  5.  You can mantain your teeth white as the package contains enough product to finish the treatment and to mantain it in the months to come.

Check out my BEFORE and AFTER. Seriously, it’s incredible and I am beyond amazed with how my teeth have been whitened.



Do you wanna have your own Teeth Whitening Treatment?




2 comentarios sobre “Best At Home Teeth Whitening System (GIVEAWAY)

  1. These Products are Good,
    The only thing I am worried about is when you’ve got sensitive teeth,
    You just need to check them by a Dentist before,
    The natural methods are also good and worth trying them,
    But we can’t deny that these Products provide some professional results

    Me gusta


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